Taurus weekly horoscope 10 february

Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

Mars is encouraging you to connect and will remind you to put your partner first. Taurus April 20 — May 20 Is there something you need to get off your chest? Gemini May 21 — June 21 Channelling your inner artist will not only be highly therapeutic, it could unearth hidden talents. Use creative interests as common ground and get family and friends to join in. Cancer June 22 — July 22 Your home is your sanctuary.

However, with Mars in your domestic sector, it could become a battlefield! Peace will prevail but not at the expense of the truth. Encourage others to argue their case in a calm and civilised manner. Exercising tact and charm will mean the difference between causing offence and having a productive conversation. Virgo August 23 — September 22 Your business acumen is second to none, as is your style.

Libra September 23 — October 22 Being able to see both sides of the story is a curse Librans are all too familiar with. Your weekly horoscopes, November 3 - November If you want more freedom in your life, make it happen. From the 1st to the 26th, Venus is flying high in Sagittarius and your personal money sector.

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This is gorgeous for money matters and love. Venus rules both these areas and Jupiter expands what it touches. You could receive a gift or bonus at the end of the month. Any deal which begins under these stars is likely to pay off.

Regain some independence in your life when it comes to money too. This is important with your current astrology. The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th would be a great date to launch a money making project or boost your finances. Jupiter entered your star sign in December and moves on early next month on December 2nd.

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Therefore, make the most of the planet of opportunity, good fortune and success in your star sign, especially if your birthday falls between December 15th to December 21st. From the 1st to the 26th, the second best planet, Venus, is also in your star sign. On the one hand, this is good news for love and relationships. Or, you may meet someone new after a lean period in your love life. And, drum roll…. Venus and Jupiter come together in the heavens on the 24th. This is gorgeous astrology, so use it to boost your luck, ask someone out on a date, issue a proposal, whatever is meaningful for you.

Also, look back to January and what was happening then in your life. Something that started in your life back in January could be completing this month in a good way.

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The Sun is here but so too is Mercury, the planet of communication. In fact, Mercury is retrograde up until the 20th, taking you deeper still into your psyche and inner world. This is an analytical Mercury, which would be great for therapy, research and honing your psychic skills. You want and need freedom and your big planet, Jupiter, encourages you to go beyond the everyday.

This could be a time when you explore new options in your life, some of which are off the radar or downright spooky. Things could come to a head in this respect during the Full Moon on the 12th which takes place in Taurus and your work and lifestyle sector. This is likely to be a decisive moment in the month when factors come together to shed new insight on your current situation. The Full Moon period is when the Moon is at its brightest. It shines a light bringing intuition and insight. Retrograde Mercury is in the heart of the Sun bringing clarity and light into the darkness.

Listen out for synchronicities on or around this period in November. Your planet, Jupiter, is also engaged during this period as it makes a lovely planetary aspect with Mars in Libra. This would be a good date to resolve a friendship issue, especially one which went off the rails at the end of October or around the 5th of this month. These aspects can end a friendship or see you going your separate ways for a while. Money may be the issue or not feeling valued by other people in your life. Fast forward to the 12th and your planet Jupiter promises healing.

At the very least, tap into your unique Sagittarius way of finding the truth in a situation and rise above petty squabbles. There is a side to planets in Scorpio which flags up the green-eyed monster of jealousy or obsession. You may see this situation more clearly during the key period between the 11th to 13th.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope from 4th February - 11th February

Mars can cut through the crap to get to the nitty-gritty of a situation. Be assertive rather than angry; be forthright rather than indirect.

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This may apply to your personal life or be linked to your work or health. Notice what happens on or around the 24th when Mars clashes with Uranus in Taurus and this sector of your horoscope. This feels like ditching stress or breaking free from an emotional tie that bind you. This is the ideal time to set your intentions for the month, also for Get some firm plans in place to bring more security into your life, around your home and family and your personal finances. If this fits for you, the weekend of the 8thth is ideal for establishing new working foundations in these areas.

Seek out your dream home, as this is one way of turning your dreams into reality.

https://repukalea.tk Firstly, action planet, Mars, is in Libra and your career and vocation sector, where it remains until the 19th. Mars represents drive and courage, speed and assertiveness. However, there are some conflicting factors taking place which suggest you might find yourself up against tough competition. The main contenders are Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and your star sign. Last month, on October 27th, Mars clashed with Saturn.

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This month, on the 5th, Mars clashes with Pluto. Saturn and Pluto can add a ruthless edge to your personal tool box. Either way, this combination could prove stressful.

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Mercury teams up with Pluto on the 10th, Saturn and Neptune on the 13th. Trying to resolve differences will be the healthiest course. You would expect this Full Moon to be decisive in your close relationships. Money Action Mars is in your personal money sector until early January Mercury turns direct on November 20th. This is when action planet, Mars, enters Scorpio where it remains until early January Just maintain distance with these people for some time.

Keep your physical levels up during this phase and work out any anger or frustration down the gym. Wait for better stars before dealing with a challenge or full-on confrontation. Mars in Libra makes a promising planetary aspect on the 12th when it teams up with Jupiter in Sagittarius. This feels like a release from tension or the chance to break free from a testing situation. Plus, on the 24th, Venus and Jupiter come together in Sagittarius.

This is a lovely combination of the two best planets.