Pisces ascendant vedic astrology

Pisces Ascendant

Fortune favors the native in all endeavors. Lagna lord posited in 3 rd house makes the native intelligent, satisfied and joyful. Native will be adorable and respectful in the society. This is the good place for the ascendant lord to land up, signifies peace of mind, wealth, famous, domestic happiness, harmonies among siblings with clear and fair complexion.

Native possess nice mannerism, etiquettes. Native possess vehicles, properties and fixed assets which will be self-earned or through mother or maternal side. This placement of lagna lord is considered auspicious gives health, wealth and prosperity.


Attracts political and support from government, makes person somewhat short tempered and serving others. Earns through trade, commerce and diplomatic services. But trouble to children and not much happiness through them if afflicted. Not appreciated in terms of placement of lagna lord. Native may be having troubled health all along life with one or other types of diseases.

Immunity system is not so much strengthened. Yet native will courageous and fortunate, intelligent. Debts monetary or karmic may be troubling native but met and liquidated. Native will be good at service, can join armed forces or can be a doctor. Usually denotes disharmony in married life, trouble to partner is indicated subservient to the parents-in laws.

If it is fortified well then it could indicate material gains, settlement in foreign land and native occupies much wealth there. Native later in life turn to be detached from family and society or sometimes renounces. Travels a lot in life.

PISCES Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Again, not good for health, in the beginning health may be sound but as the time passes one or other health issues will pop up and dependency on medicine will increase. Native will be learned, good at speculations and will be good in occultism, para vidya as well. Native will be of helping nature, religious and dies peacefully but suddenly. Good position for ascendant lord, makes person fortunate in all endeavors.

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Father will be rich and famous. Bestows native with good amount of paternal maternal properties, beautiful, well cultured spouse and children. Native will be having religiously oriented mind, will take pride in helping and protecting others. Native will be good in communication skills and oratory. Bestows one with excellent professional success and achievements along with accolades and acumen.

Native will be blessed with material gains, properties, vehicle, good status. Makes native good scholar, learned and well established in life with good wife and children. This is also a good position for ascendant lord to occupy.

follow site Native receives name fame and honors in due course of life. Native will be good at finances and in terms of wealth and prosperity. Mercury in the Ascendant aspects its own sign in the 7th house which has a positive effect on friendship and partnership.

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The person will have good friends and will derive benefit from partnerships. The native will have a happy married life and a virtuous spouse. Due to its lordship of the Ascendant Jupiter does not have the Kendra-adhipati dosha even though it is the lord of two Kendra houses. Due to its presence in the Ascendant it makes the person very lucky, healthy and beautiful. The person will be calm and generous by nature and will have confidence and faith in religion.

Jupiter in Ascendant aspects 5th, 7th and 9th houses, due to this the person may get affection from his father and will have a loving family. Venus has a negative impact when placed in in this position. Due to the placement of Venus in the 1st house the person may be the lord of a beautiful and vivacious personality, but may have the problem of acidity. The person may be the best at work and will have a lot of courage and deep thirst for knowledge. There could be unhappiness on account of children and he may not get enough love and care from his mother.

Venus's full aspect on the 7th house suggests a normal, happy married life. The native may be of frail physique due to the impact of Saturn. He may also have an eye related problem.

Pisces Rising (Meena Lagna) in Vedic Astrology

He could have an indecisive nature. The person may always desire to take help from others to get ahead in life. The native might be keen on saving money and may get unexpected benefit from black-marketing and lottery. Saturn in Ascendant aspects Pisces in the 3rd house, Virgo in the 7th house and Sagittarius, the sign of Jupiter in the 10th house.

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The person may not be able to get help from friends, may suffer loss through partners, and get distress in married life because of, the aspect of Saturn on these houses. Rahu makes a person clever but selfish.

The person may become friends with others only in order to achieve his goals. He knows how to manipulate things for his own benefit. He will have courage. Rahu in the Pisces Ascendant aspects Virgo which is in the 7th house. There are chances of problems with progeny and the native's may spouse may have health problems leading to an unhappy married life. Ketu Placed in Pisces Ascendant Ketu causes health related problems like backache and acidity when in Pisces Ascendant. The person may have inferiority and lack of confidence. Moreover he may have to face difficulties in decision making.

It is advisable to do a job instead of a business. He might go against social norms for the fulfillment of self desires. Ketu aspects the 7th house which creates difficulties for spouse, but the married life may be normal and reasonably happy. EGX9Gb Thanks for helping out, great information.

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They are versatile and tend to understand things by understanding rather than logic. Wisdom comes late in life. This is quite natural, as the 1st house the Ascendant being on its cusp is responsible for our ego, self-perception and behavior. The person will have good friends and will derive benefit from partnerships. The initial period of life, specifically childhood age, usually remains tough and challenging; while, life after middle age is generally stable and satisfactory. Besides this, it may also be difficult for you to bargain; and you may usually go by your feelings, when it comes to purchasing, shopping or investing.

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