Horoscope march 22

Your daily horoscope: March 22

You seem to have your own personal independent power source. It seems that regardless of how powerless other people feel or how dependent they may seem to be on circumstances beyond their control, you have a way of finding your own way.

Horoscope: March 22nd - 23rd

This can be, of course, double edged sword. Lovers born on 22nd of March do tend to fall head over heels in love. When you fall in love, you go all the way. There is no half measures for you.

This can, of course, cause problems and this can also be a good thing. You can be counted on to be an enthusiastic romantic partner. It seems that you are willing to give endlessly to your partner.

Daily horoscope for Friday March 22 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

When you say you commit, you do it a hundred percent. Now, when things start to sour, when you try to expect the same from those you trust the most. Unfortunately, people being people, this rarely pans out the way you hoped. You see, while you are entitled to hold yourself up to a high standard, you are only going to disappoint yourself if you are going to hold others to that same standard. The sooner you make peace with this reality, the happier you would be.

Those with a birthday on the 22nd of March are best suited for mid-level to high-level management positions.

People are impressed by your decisiveness. In fact, people are often bowled over by your hard charging nature. Regardless of how seemingly impossible or problematic a particular situation is, you cut through the nuances and uncertainties and get straight to the good stuff. It seems that you have no patience for complexity, negotiation, and diplomacy. In fact, in most situations, people actively resist you. You feel that you are always right. You feel that your way is the best. You may think that something has a simple solution but there might actually be a better solution elsewhere.

Capricorns like to see practical ideas on the table. With Venus leaving your income sector, you can be less focused on your bank account. Family meetings aim for the diplomatic side of your discussions.

Let your gentle side show. Actions lead to results you can see, helping your decisions this week.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The slippery financial shake-out Neptune created in your income sector receives a welcome boost. Venus transits from your sign to your solar second house.

This planetary position may offer a better office, a bonus, or a promotion. Or it could be that your investment in the arts finally pays off! If you want to feel silky-smooth, or ask the price of the glitter in the window, this is the week to do so.

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A number of planets are in Pisces. Venus transits to your sign to make sure life looks rosy, and you will, too! Cathryn Moe is a world-renowned astrologer, whose clientele includes international celebrities and high-profile figures. To stay up-to-date on what's in the stars and to download Cathryn's free smartphone app "AstroGirl," visit www. Load Comments. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Disclaimer Private Policy Terms of Use. The sun in your sign gives you the courage and the confidence to move beyond what has limited you in the past.

Here is your horoscope for March 22, 12222

Today there are no limits — so shine! Most likely you are just missing a few facts and figures — nothing more. A friend wants you to do one thing but a loved one wants you to do something completely different. It has to be one or the other — you cannot please them both — so make a decision and stick with it. The kinder you are to people who probably do not deserve it the less likely it is that you will get any thanks. The more cash you keep in your pocket now the more you will have to spend on something that is genuinely worth it early next week.

Gemini daily horoscope – March 22 | Yasmin Boland

Keep personal information to yourself today. No doubt you have many questions but are you ready for the answers? Someone in a position of authority wants you to do something that clearly is not in your interests. So what do you do? You let them know as politely as possible that, on this occasion, you cannot agree. Help them in other ways. There is a lot of good stuff in your past that is worth holding on to. Chances are they are under so much pressure at the moment that they just want to be left alone to sort things out their way.

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