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This Lunar eclipse is a fantastic one for burning old karma and any negative karmic bonds since Saturn is conjunct the South Node of this moon. Of course, the Nodes being so close to the new moon are what turn it into an eclipse and the closer they are the more total the lunar eclipse is. The earth will cast a blood red shadow across the moon. Lunar eclipse Red Shadow path.

The tarot card associated with Capricorn decan 3 is the four of pentacles.


Solar Eclipse in Cancer July , Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Astrological Significance of the Lunar Eclipse . Partial SOLAR Eclipse July 12 at at 20° Cancer 41; Partial SOLAR Eclipse January 5 at at 15°. Solar Eclipse, Feb 26 , 08° Pisces. Lunar Eclipse, March 13 , 22° Virgo. Lunar Eclipse, Aug 8 , 15° Aquarius. Solar Eclipse, Aug 22 , 29° Leo.

This leads you to hoard or penny-pinch, even when you have enough money. The Four of Pentacles is a positive and welcome card for savings, investments or retirement plans. It indicates that you are accumulating goods, wealth and possibly even power. This card supports the general tenacity of the goat, nothing is thrown out if it can be renovated, and if something has to be binned it will be recycled or given to charity.

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Those touched by this lunar eclipse will have to work hard for everything that comes to them at this time. Those touched by this lunar eclipse will want nothing less than dramatic and intense sexual relationships that profoundly transform their souls. The general vibe at this lunar eclipse is that the closer we brush with death and trauma, the more alive we feel.

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Moon conjunct Pluto may get obsessively involved with a project or person, but then suddenly swoop off alone to process the commotion they have created. It should certainly stir up emotions at this full moon lunar eclipse. Sun opposite Pluto swings between extremes of light and dark.

https://cheapreustarter.cf Extrovert and introvert. The brighter the Sun the darker the shadow is a cliche but works so well with this aspect.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

A very sunny exterior could be masking heartache and a very traumatic life. This aspect pushes the collective to live life on the edge.

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Lives can be full of drama and there will be much brushing with death and the taboo. At worse this can involve drugs and crime. This aspect is serious about secrecy and control.

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It is the lunar eclipse to bring our extreme control freaks. Those touched by this eclipse will need to know where everything is at all times. This is an energy that can be intimidating and in extreme cases tyrannical. Full Moons are associated with relationships and this turbocharged full moon as a lunar eclipse might be about letting-go of a romantic karmic bond or even a trauma bond. If you have any role models, they should be found amongst children and younger people or, at the very least, those friends who make a point out of being light-hearted. Of all the signs of the zodiac, yours may find itself most sharply squeezed between contradictory pressures and irreconcilable options.


It is a good time to treat plants. They occur in one particular sign and its opposite sign several times in a set spanning about two years approximately every nine years. Aquarius: January 20th — February 18th Aquarius will feel a strong desire to create this month. By hovering your mouse over some of the symbols, you'll get an additional information. Find your sign below to learn more:. Lunar Day 25 Different traditions contradict each other about this day.

In addition, your range of possible actions could be limited: there may be nothing to choose between total commitment and a complete break. Others must be able to see that you are not hung up by beliefs which are nothing if not irrelevant. There are a number of adverse planetary patterns, but it would be a mistake to imagine that life must be difficult.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

When challenging events accumulate, it is always possible to search for, and find, the grain of gold which can transform your future. Make your own success!

Everything depends on what you expect. If you continue to believe that other people will let you down then they probably will. Any current restlessness is likely to be born out of frustration. The way to live positively at the present is to be thoroughly self-sacrificing and utterly charitable in all your dealings with your fellow humans.

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