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Your love, marriage and family life will be under the influence of Saturn and Mars this year. There may be some delay in finding a soul mate, owing to planetary positions. This year will also mark a change in your approach towards love. Scorpios will be more expressive rather than reserved. This may be surprising for friends and family, as overt display of affection is not something they expect from Scorpios.

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You will meet prospective suitors through common friends or family. Be sure to choose someone who is compatible with you at all levels, personal as well as social. You will recover from past disappointments in matters of love and relationships and have a positive outlook regarding the same.

Check Janam Kundali. New love will take time to grow, and you should allow it to.

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Scorpios need a partner who is stable and understands their mysterious nature. Fulfill your social commitments this year, as they may lead you to your future lover.

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Finding love at events like parties, weddings etc is on the cards! Make you sure you are at the right place, at the right time so as to not miss any opportunity. Things will go on smoothly for those who are married, except some small strife that may take place due to the retrogression of Mars. Take extra care to not be aggressive or dominating during this time otherwise a small issue may escalate into a fight unnecessarily.

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The best date for Scorpios to plan their marriage is after the period of retrogression of Mars i. Subscribe Daily Horoscope. Here, how it affects you!

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