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Aries (March 21-April 19):

There was a radical shift in your interpersonal relationships when Virgo season started on August Practically overnight, you realized that what once satisfied your needs no longer serves your soul. Expect a big climax on September 14, when ’s only Full Moon in your own. Symbolized by the fish, Pisces are the deep-sea divers of the zodiac. Likewise, you're all about a new adventure—especially if it's one that.

The A. When two Athena Exclamation collide, they will not only double or multiply, but increase exponentially. Athena banned all Gold Saints to use this technique because, besides being considered a coward's technique three Saints attacking a single enemy , it can also cause terrible damage to both the opponent and the surroundings.

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Whoever dares uses this technique, will be regarded as a barbaric and dishonorable person that can never be called a Saint anymore, regardless of the intent. All who come in contact with this energy, including the Gold Saints themselves, will die. It's unclear though if it has a real destructive power or if it's limited to the creation of a focused sunlight beam at the cost of the explosion of the full Cosmo of the 12 Gold Saints that causes a massive explosion.

Added to the already amazing array of skills that the 12 Gold Saints have, the Cloth of Libra has six pairs of golden weapons that can be used only in exceptionally desperate cases and with the consent of the Saint of Libra , the one allowed to value the justice and righteousness of the cause, in the absence of Athena herself. The destructive force of the weapons is extraordinary, as they are said to be able to pulverize a star. In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension it turns out that there is a thirteenth gold saint, Ophiuchus, the evil gold saint, whose underground temple is the temple of the snake underneath the temple of Sagittarius.

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The Gold Saint of Omega are characters in an alternative history, not canonical with the Kurumada story. The Gold Saint of Lost Canvas are characters in an alternative history, not canonical with the Kurumada story. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

The Gold Saints as they were during the battle at the 12 Temples manga version When the 12 Gold Cloths are near one another, they emit a shining light and produce a very loud sound: this phenomenon is called "resonance". However it is not a common because the reunion of all the 12 Gold Saints is a rare event, which usually only happens when Athena and the Grand Pope summon the Gold Saints to a meeting in view of an upcoming crisis. After defeating Shaka , the three former Saints switched the technique against Aries Mu , Scorpio Milo and Leo Aioria who retaliated with the same technique. It's unclear how the latter group are able to use this forbidden move without breaking their code of honor, but it's possibly due to the fact that the enemies were equal in number, and were about to use that attack against them as well, not to mention the The 12 Gold Saints not wearing their cloths The 12 Gold Saints difficult situation the Sanctuary was put into.

The destructive force of the weapons is extraordinary, as they are said to be able to pulverize a star The 12 Gold Saint Omega with a single blow, a feat equal only to the most devastating techniques such as Gemini 's Galaxian Explosion. Contents [ show ].

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'Scope your life.

Ilias , Regulus. Zaphiri, Cardia. Lugonis, Albafica. While this transformation may have caught you off guard, the types of bonds we need change as we evolve. This shift can be simple or extremely complex.

With the Sun and Moon directly across from each other, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place: Do you follow your heart or mind? While every situation is different, the most important thing is to trust your intuition during this lunation. You are the most psychic, empathetic, sensitive sign of the zodiac.

You give others so much, Pisces love, so make sure you treat yourself with the same kindness and respect you show others. Remember that in order to fuel change, shifts need to occur in multiple dimensions.


You must explore the roots of your routines and habits in order to make meaningful change. Your sign is symbolized by two fish moving in opposite directions, so you understand duality on a very deep, soulful level.

Since late April, Saturn—the taskmaster of the zodiac—has been going retrograde in your extended community zone, making it difficult for you to create lasting friendships. Thankfully, Saturn goes direct on September 18, and this isolating experience will begin to dissipate. Be sure to lean into your friends a lot over the next few weeks, Pisces darling. Shit is intense for you right now. But be gentle with yourself, Pisces love. The New Moon in Libra on September 28 will be a heavy one, with a lot of memories and pain from the past resurfacing.